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How to Generate Pay Stubs

Running your own business with a team of employees can be an incredibly stressful task to take on. A lot of people who work for themselves refuse to hire other people because of all the headache-inducing legal ramifications that continue to get worse and worse each year, but sometimes you can’t get around having to hire other people.

The good news is that paying your employees is still an incredibly simple feat to accomplish. Thanks to the internet, generating pay stubs for your employees has never been easier. A simple google search will reveal a plethora of sites dedicated to helping you create professional looking pay stubs that include your company’s logo and all the fixings your employees would expect to see on a professional pay stub.

The process behind using these fake pay stub generators is pretty simple.

  1. Find a pay stub maker that you like

There are dozens waiting at your fingertips. All you have to do is choose one to work with.

The list of pay stub generators include:

  • calistubs.com
  • checkstubmaker.com
  • paystubb.com
  • Pay-Stubs.com
  • paystubdirect.com
  • createpaystubs.com

That’s just what you’ll find in less than five minutes of searching. Take a few minutes to look around and you’re sure to find a pay stub generator that’s right for you.

  1. Insert the appropriate information

Creating a pay stub on these sites is as easy as filling in a few simple blanks. All these sites need is some basic information and they do all the formatting for you.

Information requirements include:

  • The Company’s Name and Full Address
  • Your Employee’s Name, ID Number and Full Address
  • The Pay Period
  • The Check Number (If applicable)
  • Any Possible Deductions

Don’t make paying your employees properly harder than it has to be and use an online pay stub generator today to start creating professional looking pay stubs by tomorrow.

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