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How to detect fake pay stubs online?

Detect Fake Pay Stubs

In the US, pay stubs refer to a small piece of paper that is given to employees along with their paychecks. These small pieces of paper, hence the term “stub”, contain the total amount the employee has received for that payment period, the salary deductions from taxes, insurance and what have you.

Pay stubs are often used as an easy and informal way for landlords and even lenders to verify your income. These stubs will be able to tell them if you have a stable income and if you can actually afford the space you are renting or the lease you are taking out. For the self-employed, I’ve heard some land lords also consider the balance stubs from check books enough documentation to show that you have a steady cash flow.

So why do landlords or lender require pay stubs? Can’t they just require renters to print out a bank statement of how much money they have in the bank? The problem with bank statements is that they can easily be faked. This is the reason why other people have resorted to asking for pay stubs. Pay stubs however are also getting faked online. This is becoming a problem for renters who believe, through documentation, that the renter has good credit standing or a stable income when in fact he doesn’t.

For all lenders and landlord’s out there here are some tips to help you weed out the fakes from the real ones.

Inconsistent Information

Look for any inconsistent information in the stubs. How to detect fake pay stubs online? Most websites that offer fake stubs online for a fee will have fake looking documents. The paper will most likely be of poor quality and the format or layout of the document will look off. In fact, if any of the documents look fake then they very well might be. Another thing to look out for are typos and misspelled words, a sure sign that the documents are not as official as they would like you to believe.

Numbers that don’t add up

How to detect fake pay stubs online tip number 2: always, always be particular with the numbers. Have a look at the values in the stub. You will find that a lot of times that the numbers just won’t add up. Pay attention to decimal points. Official documents will use a maximum of two decimal places THROUGHOUT the document. Watch out for inconsistencies, like using differing decimal places.

Ask Leasing Agent to Verify Pay Stub in Person

You can also ask a leasing agent, or you can do so yourself, to be there when the tenant prints out the pay stub. Better yet, ask for the pay stub to be printed in their place of work if they can and be there to physically verify it.

Check Paycheck/Paystub Number Sequences

Another way to spot fake pay stubs is to check the number sequences. Whether using check stubs or pay stubs the number sequences shouldn’t jump from 0 to 500 in a matter of days.


Fake Pay Stub Is Illegal

Making Fake  Pay Stubs Illegal

The use of fake stubs is on the rise in the present world and poses a challenge to lenders. Technological advancements and programs have played a big role in the circulation of fake pay stubs around the world. Producing, selling or even buying such kind of documents is not illegal. Illegality comes in the manner the document is used. As much as they look authentic, it is wise if businesses and money lenders found a way to escape been fraud victims. Using fake pay stubs can land offenders a jail term of 30 years. Also, heavy fines can be imposed on them and jeopardize businesses that accept the fake pay stubs. Dealing with fake stubs can put the relationships between banks and lenders under siege. A finance department cannot prosper without the help of a bank. Business should be wary and know how to spot a fake paystub.

Pay stub is an important document required when one thinks of a car loan. A pay stub proves the applicant as an employed personnel and the income they get. Unfortunately, people who do not meet the criteria for a car loan end up producing fake pay stub. You shouldn’t be surprised. Web sites all over allow users to print fake paystub for car loans. Videos posted in YouTube also teach the mass on how to produce authentic documents. Sometimes the banks and or lenders might approve applicants on the spot but later reject them after finding out their real income.

Homeowners who might be facing possible repossession are vulnerable to the fake paystub scam. What they don’t think about is the amount o f money they will use and consequences such as a possible arrest. Ads posted online lie to Consumers of income history as been legal but in the real sense they are committing a felony. Due to pressure in the quest to get a needed loan, the applicant is given the following false privileges:

  • Applicants are given special Misrepresented education grades or levels and other incentives to raise chances of getting a car or an apartment loan. This serves as a major risk to lenders if they fail to notice.
  • Applicants fake companies they work in to get unsuitable loans without qualifications. . Also, the income is put on the high side as it indicates maximum chances of paying back on time.
  • Dealers of fake paystub indicate longer employments periods than it is to meet the set-out criteria. Lenders are left at a risk of falling into traps that seems genuine putting their clients in places they don’t qualify.
  • Applicants, employers or other employees’ dealership raise the income reports of the applicants so as to gain better terms and qualify for the intended loan.

To ensure success and curb cases of fraudulent pay stubs, lenders should get employment verification and income from a credible third party. Adopting such measures will give lenders an overview of their r potential client’s situation and avoid fraud cases.


How to make fake pay stubs

Fake Paycheck Stubs

The first thing you have to have in order to make a fake pay stub is a fake pay stub template. It is a template or sample of the original pay stub listing all the entries which are to be made in the original document. Fake pay stub templates are easily available online you can just download them and use them to create a pay stub you need. Most of these services offered on-line are usually free of cost and do actually help the user. Now you just need to make its copy by using Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calculator or even Google Spreadsheet. Another option can be to scan and edit the pay stub using the Adobe Photoshop or any other photo editing software.

Another way is to simply log on to the Internet and Google out “How to make fake pay stubs”. You will get an entire range of different websites which offer this service free or at very nominal prices. Anyone of them can be used to make a pay stub, just enter the required information and you will get the pay stub. But in using this method you must be careful of the spammers out there who just attract you to make their traffic.

If you are faking the pay stub of a company or organization or some Government agency this is quite a job. You must have the logo of the agency whose pay stub you are intending to create. This can be obtained from some document of the company (if you have any) or you can search the Internet for it and then either copy it from there or create a replica using your graphic designing skills. A free fake pay stub template is usually helpful in making a pay stub which is as original as possible. If it is not available, as a general rule, you can use the left side to list the items like hourly wages, overtime, gross pay, etc and the right hand side for the corresponding numerical entries and deductions, ending it on a total of all the calculations.

Fake pay stubs online can also be created by altering an old pay stub of the company, organization or person who issues them. This can either be physically altered or scanned, photo-shopped and printed out. But if the agency uses an embossed or otherwise characteristic paper, Photoshop may not be the solution. You will have to alter the original document in such a way that you change it according to your needs and the tempering is also not able to be easily identified.

Fake Paycheck Stubs

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