The Lazy Man’s Guide To Fake Pay Stubs

Whenever you have a job opening, offering a loan and checking the background of a family member, you might come across Fake Pay Stubs Online. They are widely available on the internet and can be downloaded easily and printed using your computer at home. When you distinguish the fake stuff for pay with a real one is very tough as you cannot detect it with the naked eye. You need to look further to make sure that the pay stub you come across is fake or real. Ensure that you check the dates of the pay stubs to know which one is accurate and it might not be possible to say whether the dates of the stubs are real or fake ones. If you are wondering how to distinguish the original pay stub from the fake ones, make sure you follow the guidelines written below.

Instructions to identify the fake paycheck stubs

When you are not able to find the original ones from the fake check stub you have received, you can try to follow the points specified below to find the ones with certain details.

Fake Pay StubsStep 1: Seek permission for verification of stubs

Make sure you request the permission from the people who have offered their pay stubs to you to verify its authenticity and ensure that you check the amount of reliability it has. The form must say clearly how you are offered the permission from the concerned people to check the details of the financial statement they have offered. It must have the signature along with the date filled by the individual who is providing you the permission to proceed with the process of verification.

Step 2: Initiate the process of verification

Make sure that the employer or the firm specified in the pay stub is a real person or company and check for their actual prevalence. This can be obtained by seeking the business license from the region of the city, state or country where they operate. Usually, the licensing body of the city would hold details about the person running the business or about the company in their database. You can also seek their help online which is a convenient way available these days. You can also call up the licensing office in that particular region to make sure that the business is operating in that specific location.

Step 3: Check whether the person applying for a loan or job is related to the firm of the employer

Check whether the person whom you are checking is associated with the business or has worked within the period specified in the pay stub. Employers are usually not allowed to perform the verification process regarding the information about their personal details or employment dates. So make sure that you don’t get into trouble while you are seeking the details about the person who has sent you his pay stub.

If you do not have any backup evidence to support the fact that the individual was employed at the particular time, then it means you have received a fake pay stub from your applicants.

Step 4: Refer to the wage databases to map the real amount of income

When it comes to employment, most employees tend to state a higher figure as a salary to get an enormous sum as monthly income. You can find whether the income is right or not by verifying with the public and private wage databases that are available on the related websites. Just mention the region and their designation to know the minimum and maximum level of income stated by the database which is the average income of the people of the specific cadre. If the amount of revenue stated is not true, and then it can mean that the person has submitted the Fake Pay Stub Templates and the details offered all are false.

Once you are through these processes, you are at liberty to choose the applicants who have furnished precise details about their employment and reject the rest who have applied.


Fake Paycheck Stubs

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